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Drug Offenses
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Driving Under the Influence
Drug charges, whether involving possession, possession with intent to deliver, or actual distribution, are defensible on two levels. The first challenge is to the constitutionality of the search and seizure which resulted in recovery of the drugs. If it’s a bad search, the drugs don’t come in at trial and the prosecution usually folds. Even with a good search, unless the drugs are actually found on the person, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused not only knew that the drugs were there, but that he or she had the ability to exercise control over the drugs, that is, to possess them.  

Vince has represented thousands of clients charged with crimes ranging from multiple homicides and delivery of kilos of drugs to those charged with simple assault and possession of a controlled substance.  

Each case is equally as important, regardless of the relative severity of the offense charged. With the assistance of an investigator, the factual nuances of a case are thoroughly reviews and then presented in the most effective manner.

Below, are just some of the areas of criminal law in which Vince has successfully represented innumerable clients  

Many individuals arrested for DUI believe that their alcohol or drug intake must be such that it affects their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. In fact, the DUI law in Pennsylvania mandates guilt for any person whose blood contains virtually any amount of a controlled substance or a blood alcohol level of .08% within two hours of operation of a motor vehicle, period. 

With incredibly harsh mandatory minimum jail sentences and other oppressive mandatory penalties including license suspension and installation of ignition interlock devices on your cars, choose an experienced DUI attorney who knows the issues and can protect you from a wrongful conviction. I have defended hundreds of DUI cases. 

Sex Crimes and Child Pornography
Sex crimes range in seriousness from Indecent Exposure to Rape. They are some of the most vigorously prosecuted class of crimes and carry very significant jail sentences upon conviction, many involving minors carrying very significant mandatory minimum jail sentences. Internet Pornography and Child Pornography prosecutions normally result from stings set up by various police departments, with a police officer playing the role of a minor in a chat room, expressing desire and/or willingness to engage in sex with an unwitting adult.  

Conviction of many sex crimes triggers the registration requirements mandated by SORNA, a more inclusive and more stringent “Megan’s Law”. In many instances, conviction of a sex crime requires mandatory lifetime registration. An aggressive defense from the beginning is an absolute necessity.
Domestic Violence
Many domestic violence arrests are of the wrong person. Vince has represented a staggering number of persons who were actually victims who called 911, but were subsequently arrested and charged with crimes! In these circumstances, you want representation by an attorney who can skillfully challenge the accusing witness and who will take the time to meet with your witnesses and prepare your defense as though your freedom depended upon it, since in many cases, it does.​
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