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Vincent M. Lorusso, Attorney At Law
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About Vincent M. Lorusso, Attorney At Law
For over thirty-seven years, Vince has practiced at the criminal bar in Philadelphia and the surrounding five county area, both as prosecutor and defense attorney. He has defended clients in numerous high publicity cases, winning acquittals in several homicide trials. 

Vince received his Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University and his Law Degree from Widener University. Vince was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Vince has also been a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

“Rather than seek to profit from the misfortune of those charged with criminal conduct, I believe that a good reputation, consistent service, and excellent representation will reap bigger rewards in the long run by referrals from satisfied clients. I bring the same focus and intensity to every prosecution, regardless of the charges.”
 – Vince Lorusso


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In the Press
"I have defended clients in numerous high publicity cases, winning acquittals in several homicide trials. I bring the same focus, and intensity to every prosecution, regardless of the charges."  - Vince Lorusso
"Sterling Andrews, 43, lost his life last year because he complained about kids trashing his sidewalk. 

Yesterday, after a preliminary hearing, Municipal Judge Marsha H. Neifield granted defense lawyer Vincent M. Lorusso's request to drop murder charges, but held Payne for trial on a voluntary manslaughter charge."

Philadelphia Daily News 

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The family of a Pennsauken murder victim screamed in anguish yesterday as a judge acquitted three North Philadelphia men of the slaying. 

"I just think they were all shocked," said defense lawyer Vincent M. Lorusso

Philadelphia Daily News
The former Olney High School basketball star enjoys getting on the court and tossing a few jump shots, said his lawyer. 
But the court that Damani Harper, 22, found himself in last week was a court of law. And a jury said he hadn't taken any shots. 

"No one saw my client do anything," said Harper's lawyer, Vincent M. Lorusso. "He was present, but he did not do any of the shooting. Now, he can get on with his life, that hopefully will include a basketball career." 

Philadelphia Daily News
``The person who was the aggressor, unfortunately, was the deceased,'' argued defense lawyer Vincent M. Lorusso. 

- Philadelphia Daily News
Archer's attorney, Vincent Lorusso, argued that while the teenager did go through Alimohamed's pockets while he was forced to face a wall, Archer quickly backed off and had nothing to do with the decision to shoot. ​

Philadelphia Inquirer
As the defendants were handcuffed and taken back to prison, jurors asked to meet privately with defense lawyers. 
At that session, the jurors - eight women and four men - explained their decision and offered words of compassion for the defendants. 

Vincent M. Lorusso, Archer's lawyer, said it was the first time jurors had ever requested such a meeting in his career. 
``They all were shaking our hands, OK? They were jovial, OK? It had to be a relief for them to get it resolved,'' Lorusso said. 

Philadelphia Daily News
Our defense was they were working to set up Raphael Perez to arrest him with drugs and money," Lorusso said. 

Philadelphia Inquirer